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Configuring Auto-Replies and Mail Forwarding

Setting up an Autoresponder

Occasionally, you may find that you want people to automatically receive notification of the fact that you're away and not checking your messages or that you've received a message and will be checking it shortly, etc. You can do this through the use of an Auto responder, an application or service that sends automated replies to individuals that have sent you email.

Nucleus Inc. includes an Auto responder service for each email account that is hosted through us. To access it, you just need to go to Webmail at and log into your with your administrator account through the Webpage interface.

Once logged in, click the Services section and then click on Manage.

Find the email account you wish to add an auto-reply to. Edit the options as follows and be sure to click the Save button when you're done.

Setting up Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding is a feature that allows you to have messages that are sent to you to be automatically sent on to a second email address - also useful for travellers or when you're transitioning from an old email account to a new one. Configuring Forwarding is done like the Auto-Responder, through Nucleus My Account page.

Once logged in to Nucleus My Account, click the Services section and then click on Manage. Here you'll find a text field under in the Forwarding area that allows you to type in an email address to which messages will be sent to. Be sure to click save when you're done.

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