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Step Two: Creating Your Page(s) - HTML Basics

Now that you have the proper tools for creating your home page, you will still need some direction on the proper HTML codes and how they are utilized.

Web page creating links: These beginners guides should walk you through the creation of the text portion of your pages. As you travel the Internet you will find many pages that appeal to you. Viewing the source of these pages in your browser will allow you to see the HTML code utilized to create the effects that you are seeing and hopefully give you ideas on how to duplicate the effects on your own pages.
  • Color is a very important tool in web page creation. Click here for more info.

  • Adding graphics gives your pages a visual dynamic look. Here are some links to follow for some "eye-candy".

  • You may also want to implement some common scripts into your web pages. For scripting information to use on the Nucleus web server, click here
Check back for more links, as we find more resources that we feel will be helpful.



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