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Setting Outlook Express (Mac) for E-mail

Setting Up Outlook 5 for Mac

Open Outlook Express .

From the Tools menu, select Accounts, that brings up the Accounts window.

Double-click on the email account that is listed on the Mail tab, that brings up the Edit Account window.

(If you don't have an account listed on the Mail tab go to the New menu and choose Mail and enter in information according to the prompts).

From the Account type pop-up menu, select POP. and click OK

In the Edit Account window, enter the following:

Account Name: your email address or other convenient identifying moniker
Check Include this account in my "Send & Receive All" schedule

Personal information
Name: Your name, the way you want it to appear on your email
E-mail address: your Email Address or Email/Reply-To Address from your Account Information

Receiving mail

Account ID: your Email Address from your Account Information
POP server:
Check Save password: your Email Address from your Account Information

Sending mail

SMTP server:

Click OK, you're done!

Enabling SMTP Authentication for Microsoft Outlook Express (MAC)
  1. Open Outlook Express

  2. Select Edit -> Preferences... from the Menu bar.

  3. In the Account ID field, set your username to Be sure to use the % symbol instead of using the @ symbol.

  4. Make sure the SMTP Server is

  5. Click OK, You're done.



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