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Nucleus Support

Setting Up Macintosh OS X (10.5)

From the Apple Menu select System preferences, and open the Network preference screen.
Make sure you have selected built-in modem (or external modem, as appropriate) from the left-hand column.

Enter the following settings:
  • Telephone Number: (see below)
  • Account Name: your Access Username (in the form of a Nucleus email address. Example:
  • Password: your Access Password
  • When you're done, click Apply to save your settings.
Access Numbers:

  In Calgary In Edmonton Other
All modem speeds 403-879-9553 780-851-9503 Click here

Dialup Main

Configure DNS

Click on the Advanced button and click the DNS header. Click on the + at the bottom of the left column. Enter your nameserver addresses on separate lines in the top of the left text field, as in the picture shown below.

DNS Pane

Deactivate disconnection timers

Click on the PPP header. Set Settings to Session and clear the checkmarks for the lines starting Prompt every... and Disconnect if idle for... as in the picture shown below.

PPP Settings

Dial the modem

Find the dialup icon in your top menu bar, toward the right-hand side. Click on it and you should see the menu shown below. Choose the option beginning with Connect.

Dialup Modem Menu

That's it, you're done! To disconnect when finished, choose the same menu icon again and disconnect to close the connection.



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