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Setting Up Outlook 2011 (Macintosh) for E-mail

Open Outlook

From the Tools menu select Accounts

If this is the first account you are setting up, then you will see this screen. If there is already an account set up, then look at the bottom of the white left-hand column for a plus symbol and click on it. Choose E-mail.

The setup box will drop down. Enter your email address and password. Then clear the checkbox for Configure automatically. You will NOT use that feature.

The box should extend to show you some more fields:

User name: Your complete email address will go here, including the domain name after the @ symbol.
Type: POP (or IMAP if that is your preference)
Incoming server:
Outgoing server:

Then click on Add Account. This should return you to a window that shows you the account settings.

Click on the More Options button, found below the Outgoing server settings.

Select the Authentication drop-down menu and choose Use Incoming Server Info. Click OK.

That's it, you're finished. Close the Accounts window and your account is ready to use.



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