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Nucleus Support

Setting Up Windows XP Pro

Windows XP Pro Dial-Up Setup

First, Create a new Dial Up Connection

Click on the Start button, from that menu choose Connect to then choose Show all connections. That opens the Network Connections window:

Then click Create a new connection

That brings up the New Connection Wizard

Click Next

Click the button next to Connect to the Internet

Click Next

Click the button next to Set up my connection manually

Click Next

Click the button next to Connect using a dial-up modem

Click Next

In the ISP Name box, type Nucleus

Click Next

Access Numbers:

  In Calgary In Edmonton Other
All modem speeds 403-879-9553 780-851-9503 Click here

Click Next

From your Nucleus Account Information, enter the Access Username in the Username box. Your username must be in the form of a Nucleus email address. (Example:
Then enter the Access Password in both the Password and Confirm password boxes.

Check the boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Click Next

You're almost Done!

Click on the box next to Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop

Click Finish

Then, Add our Server Information to your Dial Up Connection

If the last step doesn't bring up the Connect window, click on the DialUp connection in the Network Connections window.

Finally, You're Done! Connect to the Internet

To get to the Nucleus Dial up Connection window in the future, double-click on the Shortcut named Nucleus on your desktop.



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