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Using Windows Mail for Windows 10

Starting Up

The Windows Mail App can be launch in a number of ways. The most common ways are either by the shortcut found in the Start Menu. You can search Mail using the Search box on the taskbar as well.

Click on Mail

First Launch

The first time you launch you will be Welcomed with prompt to get started. Click Get Started, then Add account on the following screen. We will go over account configuration in that section. You can also go here

Account Configuration

Click on Gear Icon

Now click on Manage Accounts

Click on + Add Account

Choose your account type, for setting up email account scroll down to Show Advanced Set-up

When finished filling in the form, click on Sign in to complete.

You will get congratulation when the mail account has successfully been added.

Click Done

Email will now sync depending on how many messages are on the server this can take several minutes

The Layout of the Main Screen

Receiving Email

Whenever you open Mail, it will automatically check your mailbox on the mail server. If it finds messages, then it will download them to your computer and show them in your Inbox. Subsequently, Mail will periodically check the server for messages about every 20 minutes or so. However, you can manually check for new messages by clicking the Sync button on the Toolbar.

Creating and Sending Email

To compose a new email in Windows 10 Mail, click on the new message icon. It looks like an envelope and can be found at the bottom-left corner of the window

Format Tab

Here you will find options such as the size of text, formatting option like bold, italics and bullets.

Sending to More than One Person - Carbon Copies and Blind Carbon Copies

You can add additional contacts by adding their email address after a semi-colon ; or by clicking on the Cc & Bcc on the To: line, then you add more people to the email.

Insert Tab

Here you can add documents and other files, Photos and Tables

Options Tab

Under the options tab, you can change mail priority. Check spelling and Zoom settings.

Searching your Mail

Messages and Contacts can be searched by using the Search Bar; this can be found at the top of the window, with the Magnifying Glass icon.

Setting up a signature

Signatures can be set up from the settings section, and then clicking on Signatures

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